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Help for seaman

Dear sirs, good afternoon!

Help me, please to return my money and to understand a situation which developed during my work onboard a vessel of "NINA SCAN", company Bremer LLoyd.After of my address to ITF Las Palmas about my problem, aboard a vessel there arrived the inspector who didn't begin to talk to me and members of team, and went to the Captain and Chief mate, and only then it talked to me some minutes. I wanted to be written off from a vessel, only after the inspector of ITF will deal with incident which happened onboard a vessel during my contract. I don't know that the company and the Captain wrote to this inspector all the time, but the inspector not only didn't help me, but still accused me of to what I not guilty.Nautilus INT Also me not help. Inspector Ruud Touwen wrote me following text :Since 31-12-2011 you not a member of Nautilus since you never paidyour fees.We aren't supposed to asist none members as you will understand.

I ask from you the help and support, I understand that didn't pay contributions, but also you understand me correctly, I had no work and after divorce, my wife stole all money from my bank account. I ask you help me and don't exclude from members of Nautilus INT, I promise to pay all fees as soon as it will be possible. I enclose the letter to all documents and I ask you help me to return mine money.

R.G.D.S. Yurinov Yuriy.Membership № 5210007. I sending to the company this letter:

Dear sirs/mam! Fitter Yurinov Yury addresses to you. I worked at the vessel NINA SCAN during the period with 17.07.2013 till 20.10.2013. During my work on a vessel there was an incident after which the Captain and Chief Mate wrote you many letters to the justification and to blacken me though my fault in happened isn't present any. I honestly performed the work, executed vessel repair, both in an engine room and on the deck. I didn't get my wages for October and would like to ask you to check financial documents and confirmation on money transfer to my bank account. Also I send the letter which was directed to you with the detailed description of all that occurred on a vessel during my work. I couldn't tell you about it earlier because access to the ship computer for me was closed and I couldn't call in the company as the vessel was far from the coast. I hope for your consideration. Many thanks and best regards.

Respectfully yours Fitter Yurinov Yury.

Please help to me.Company will cut my salary.

R.G.D.S. Yurinov Yury

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09 Ноября 2013, 13:59, вопрос №287622 Yurinov Yury, г. Калининград

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